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Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breaker - VB Series

Reliable Venting of Tanks and Piping Systems
Hayward's all-plastic, corrosion-resistant Vacuum Breaker allows quick and troublefree draining of tanks and piping systems. The vacuum breaker is normally closed at positive internal pressures. As the tank or piping system is being drained the Vacuum Breaker automatically opens and allows air to enter the tank or system.
GG Series PVC

Gauge Guards - GG Series

Gauge guards isolate and protect gauges and other instruments from the process media. They work in any position in both vacuum and pressure applications. Hayward gauge guards can be supplied without a gauge or with either a 0 to 30, 0 to 60 or 0 to 160 PSI gauge installed.
BVX Series PVC

Ready Flanges - BVX Series

Hayward Ready Flanges easily convert socket PVC and CPVC valves or threaded PPL valves to flanged connections. Ready Flanges feature a one-piece body with an integral nipple, eliminating the need for an extra fabricated joint and preventing a possible leak path.